Recruiting the Right Staff for the Right Role

Does your organisation have limited internal skills and capabilities in recruitment?  Employing the wrong staff member for a role can be costly, both for you and the individual employed.  As an Authorised Solutions Provider of @Harrison Assessment we can work with you to enhance your recruitment and selection process and minimise your risk and cost associated with selecting the ‘right’ person for the job.

As part of any recruitment solution offered by the Career Guidance Centre, applicants (or shortlisted applicants)  will be required to complete a @Harrison Assessment 25 minute work preference questionnaire and career test that measures 175 characteristics!  Their interests, task preferences, motivations, work values, work environment preferences, and interpersonal preferences are all factored in when considering the applicants suitability to a role with your organisation.

Examples of ways we can assist include:

  • Design your recruitment strategy including identifying and ranking eligibility and suitability factors for the role using @Harrison Assessment Talent Acquisition  solutions #
  • Provide support to interpret the Reports generated and reviewing other applicant documents such as a Resume and providing a recommended shortlist of candidates #
  • On-site (or online) participation in the interview process
  • If your organisation has large scale recruitment needs and in-house expertise, we can assist by providing access to the work preference questionnaire and relevant reports.

      # can be undertaken remotely with any client in Australia

Your solution could be as little as $700.00; however the cost of recruiting can be significantly more than that.

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