Career Coach

Do you need a Career Coach?  Are you interested in a Career Coach or do you want to know the benefits of having a career coach?  All good questions and difficult to provide in a one-size-fits-all response.

A Career Coach will work with you to help you identify your career goals, strategies to achieve these and strategies to monitor your progress along the way.

The Career Guidance Centre provides three levels of service for all individual career guidance services.  The green and blue range of services provide a predetermined number of career support hours.  Beyond this, there is the opportunity to develop a longer term approach to Career Planning (Gold level).   Establishing a coaching strategy requires an individual plan that is requires collaboration between you and your coach.  The plan will be influenced by a range of variables including any additional research hours to be undertaken by your coach, how quickly you want to achieve your goals and how much support and guidance you want in monitoring and managing your career plans.

Ongoing career coaching is recommended as an extension to any Blue service option, however this is not essential and a career coaching strategy can be developed as a stand-alone activity.

Code: Career Coaching Strategy

Price: To be negotiated based upon additional hours of contact: an hourly rate ranges $150 to $200 depending upon the pre-commitment and the level of research required outside of these sessions to support your particular needs (eg: formal study options).

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