Your Career

When someone asks me is it worth investing $300 or $700 or more on good quality career advice and guidance, I will always say: 'Why wouldn't you?". The emotional, motivational and financial cost of being in a good job but the wrong career can be a concern. Being in a job not suited to you, and not having some fair and reasonable knowledge of how to progress your career beyond the current job, can be devastating to your self-esteem and confidence. Whether you choose to progress you career advice with us, or you choose someone else, is not so important. Whether you are a career starter, your career is underway, you are looking to change your career, or do you simply want to have a confidential and professional review of your current career plans, taking the opportunity to invest in yourself, and investing in your career, that is what is important! (Dr Greg McMillan)

The Career Guidance Centre highlights a range of scenarios that you may be facing with your career. If one of the following career scenarios best fits your circumstances, the link below provides more detail on what services we provide. We offer three levels of packages that will be relevant to your situation: however, we can tailor any combination of reports and career support to suit your individual needs. We encourage you to review these options and if we can assist in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact us.

CV's, Resumes and Interviews

I would like some help and guidance on getting the best form my  CV / Resume.   I might need some help with my interview techniques and skills.

What Are My Strengths?

I have some understanding of my strengths however I would like to confirm these so that I can use the information when applying for particular jobs that interest me.

My Career Hasn't Started

I have not yet worked, or I have been undertaking casual or part-time work; however I am now planning my career and I want to know what options are best for me.

My Career Is Underway

I am excited that my career is underway: however, I want to know how best to manage my career to ensure that I achieve my career goals and aspirations.

I Want To Change My Career

It is decision time and you feel the need to make significant change to your career.  Is this the right decision for you, what career options are most likely to be best for you?  Are you feeling uncertain but need clarity?

I Just Need Some General Advice

None of the above seem to fit with your situation and you simply need to chat on your options, or you are comfortable in your career and you are considering a career coach or mentor option.   Contact us today for an obligation free conversation. Click Here to Send an Email.